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Wednesday, December 25, 2013


In the spirit of this day, induced by all the evocative food smells and general glee and all the glittering laughter of little children around our compound, I am forced to confess that I spared myself having to go to the work's year end function by blatantly lying.


Well, I'm feeling a bit sulky because my buff custom-built computer popped a pizzle some days ago. I've been avoiding the inevitable autopsy/resurrection. That's why I've been offline, so to speak.

Instead I spent my precious home time in the garden, digging out the outdoor living area as seen on the photo. We also relocated the Buddha statue to a serene nasturtium pot outside. Maybe Lizz will stop inundating the peaceful likeness with her über-pugent urine now.

When that was done I seeked refuge in mindless online twitter.

Today I ran out of excuses to fix the silicone mess. I relieved the computer innards of a half a kilo of assorted colours of superfine dust and a grand variety of feline, canine and human hair as well as canary and budgerigar feathers and discarded seeds. Even so I am unable to figure out what's going on.

A sad fact is that if I had 1 kilometer for every time I've lost precious photos and important data from a malfunctioning 'puter, I'd be able to colonise the moon.

Thankfully my grand phone is still just as good at posting.

Donations for a new rig will be accepted with both greedy hands open.

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