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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

work woes

Mr x'xxxx

I would like to apologise for the chaos I have created concerning the parcel with the printed shirts for your xxxxxxxx family. Please be assured that I had the best intentions when I sent the shirts off to the xxxxxx in July.

My employers were never informed of my actions until your recent enquiries and they are entirely blameless for what I have done. I unwittingly brought their business and the international brand of xxxxxxxxx xxxxx into disrepute and I am prepared to accept any disciplinary action they choose to take against me.

Thankfully I can finally shed light on the whereabouts of your parcel but I regret to have to inform you that it has been returned to me. My xxxxxxx collected an unexpected box with our regular mail - not sure what it contained, he opened it. He asked me about the strange contents and I was shocked to find the returned shirts. Upon inspection I discovered an address that I had incorrectly copied from your note to a label on the box.

Please let me know how I can assist you with delivery of the shirts. I have checked that they are intact and I have re-packed them securely. I'll gladly send the parcel off once more with the correct address if you prefer. Alternatively you can collect it from my work, or I can arrange for local delivery.

Again, I humbly apologise for my shameless and thoughtless conduct in this matter and for the considerable inconvenience that I have caused.

Yours sincerely

xxxx xx xxxx

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