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Thursday, January 09, 2014

i'm better at hello

I guess I just really needed a break from everything and I sincerely apologise for my prolonged absence from the ether.


Sadly, we were not to be found resting on our faded laurels during my furlough; The One and I managed to survive my shockingly inadequate shore leave (and "bonus") by keeping ourselves domestically occupied:

  • Lawns were regularly and decently mowed, flower beds were thoroughly weeded often. Veggies were nurtured, admired and sprayed. A box of slug and snail poison was cruelly strewn and bright packets of summer flowers were sown afterwards. Creeping grass edges were even trimmed.
  • Delinquent bytes found themselves surfed across the globe at four times the speed of light while singular new harmonies were forged not too far away.

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