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Sunday, March 30, 2014

insects | cooking

I was jubilant when it started raining soon after we got up this morning because it meant I could skip mowing the grass. Instead, after shopping with The One for our daily necessities I gravely donned my Exterminator Hat and set off into the bedroom.

I'm no entomologist but while cleaning I identified four sorts of vermin fighting violently for control of the room:

Now I strive to be your all-organic grass-eating eco-friendly hippy next door but I'm pretty sure I'm going to need some serious chemical help right here. Until such time as I am able to conjure the perfect noxious cocktail, I'll simply continue using our trusty and robust vacuum cleaner to hoover the trespassers to oblivion, depositing their semi-eliminated remains outside.


Been cooking a hearty beef stew since five. With 'taters and carrots. Buttery sweet potatoes on the side. Guess it'll be done soon. Time to nuke some rice.

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