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Sunday, March 02, 2014


This morning we were uncharacteristically bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at a very respectable hour - despite being up way past bedtime last night. We miraculously found some meat and had an impromptu braai at an ungodly hour. It was raining so we moved the car out of the way a little and serenely grilled the meat under the shelter of the carport. I moved the car back into position when we'd eaten and fell asleep at the wheel, only waking up at 3:30am to drag myself to bed. 

There was a reason we had to be up early. Alfred's been scratching himself to bits with intensifying vigour lately. When we saw that his ears were bleeding due to the the incessant fussing we decided we'd have to take him to a vet. 

Our intentions were to go yesterday but since it was overcast and cool we just slept right though the alarms and the consulting hours. Even so I did manage to mow the mangy lawns before the rain came.

We left home around 10:15 this morning to be in time for the vet's shockingly expensive 11:00-12:00 Sunday slot. I had a hard time seeing because the wipers spread a thin, opaque layer of braai fat evenly across the entire windscreen.

Thankfully we arrived at the distant outpost without incident and since we were early we patiently waited outside the closed gate. As soon as it opened, however, another car drove up and stole our spot. They had to have a beloved 14 year old pet put down, so I guess we got a bit of good karma for not making a scene about it.

The usual doctor was replaced by a very efficient locum who, after much listening, examining and peering through the microscope at some skin scrapings, decided allergies were more likely than a mite infestation and then smiled charmingly as she handed us a complicated drug cocktail as well as a wide spectrum topical arachnid poison in case she missed spotting the mites and medicated shampoo to the exact value of our measly bank balance.

Now beat coherently saying all of that in once sentence.

After the financial shelling we drove off to Mother to say hi. Unexpectedly Ils and Cas showed up with homey food and we had a great old-fashioned lunch and chin-wagging with blueberry pie for dessert. Alfred behaved like a stuck pig in the presence of Mother's latest addition, Maple - an exceptionally energetic but magnetically cute Dachshund toddler.

It was still hard to see through the smudged windscreen on our way home but we reached it as safely as if we'd been borne thence on the wings of angels commissioned by the prayers of the faithful. 

Still raining, we moved the car a little once more and had a smoke under the carport. Alfred, feeling bold as a result of his successful adventure, scrambled onto the car's bonnet in order to to investigate the yummy-smelling windscreen. 

After that he found a soft chair on which to curl up for the duration. Tomorrow, The One will start his medication and therapeutic bathing. On top of that we must change dog food and remove dairy from his diet in an effort to identify the source of those 'darned allergies. 

I guess The One and I will be eating pap en tik for the rest of the month. Still, our courageous pug boy will be better!

As for the other pugnacious events presenting themselves in our lives at the moment - we shall bravely face you together, The One and I clasping one another's hand. Our families shall be at our sides to guard us. And because we stand as one, we shall overcome whatever challenges you throw at us.

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