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Sunday, May 18, 2014

the comeback

Even though I took a break from posting since my birthday, I thought about the blog daily. I knew what I wanted to say but I could not find the words to express my thoughts accurately; suddenly I didn't want to write about the mundane and meaningless anymore.

I followed Ernest Hemingway's advice to "Write drunk, edit sober" for too long and when The One and I stopped drinking it was as though my muse abandoned me. I had to be patient and wait for my mind to start coming out of the rut along which it had run for so long.

My creativity seems to have taken a knock but at least I am able to see things more clearly now. It is still difficult to write but today feels like the first of Winter - the perfect time for new beginnings.

I have given the blog a new face to reflect this new season. Outside it is cold and bleak; now is the time for introspection and for gathering our inner strength so that we can face the world another day.

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