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Sunday, July 27, 2014

incontinence | planting

These two weeks have been murder at work. There is a new client that the boss desperately wants to impress which means her minions must work even harder than usual. These clients place us under a tremendous amount of pressure and my working hours have been extended from 6:30 to 19:00 with little to show for my efforts.

The machines, just like myself, are showing signs of buckling under the stress. The Roland unexpectedly started peeing onto the new carpet. I place a box over the indelible stain to keep the boss from noticing it and freaking out.

The Canon also overflowed and I use a PVC offcut to hide the evidence. While the Roland stopped its uncontrollable dribbling the Canon just continues. Luckily the PVC keeps more ink from reaching the sacred carpet. 


We had important stuff to do today but instead we shunned our domestic duties and went on a little trip to Safari Garden Centre. The tranquil atmosphere and magnificent gardens had the desired effect and I felt really relaxed when we got home. Unfortunately we dug into our savings a bit but at least I will be ready when spring finally arrives.

We got compost and mulch, a watering can, plant food, seedling trays and three plants - fig marigold, Spanish lavender and a lemon sapling. 

After de-pooping the lawn, I planted the marigold in the rockery over Vicky's grave. The lavender will go in the front flower bed.

The lemon tree will be settled in a dead, sunken spot in front of the driveway. I removed enough paving bricks to make a decent bed there and discovered a scary-looking tunnel. A small scorpion crawled out and scurried away.

I still have to replace the half bricks around the bed and prepare the soil for planting but I try to spread out these things. Last week I weeded the veg garden where I decided to plant a variety of tomatoes - hence the seedling trays and plant food.

Next week I'll prepare the soil and plant the seeds in the trays. I have chosen to plant basil with the tomatoes because I read they are good companions.

Some weeks ago I sowed parsley in a container and their beautiful little green shoots are raising their heads.

More seeds are on their way - I ordered a bunch of dirt cheap ones online. Boston ivy for the towering south boundary wall, ivy-leaved climbing pelargonium for the hideous east boundary wall and climbing hydrangea for the drab wall by the front door. Also a bulk pack of cacti seeds for the rockery.

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