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Sunday, August 10, 2014

of projects and plants

What we imagined would be a simple DIY project last weekend took a lot longer than we had bargained on. Luckily the boss had given me Saturday off; she must have noticed that I was on the verge of collapsing. No sleeping late, though; we were excitedly up and rarin' to go at the crack of dawn.

The smaller room had no space to swing a cat in, so to speak, and would not be able to accommodate our new bed. Simply put, the old one was falling apart. It sagged sadly in the middle and was far too small. A protruding coil spring frequently stabbed one of us halfway through a delightful dream.

We ordered the best new bed and mattress we are able to afford and waited a torturous five weeks for Ericssons to make and deliver it.

Since we were going to be moving the study anyway, we decided to convert it into a practical room with bookshelves and separate workspaces at the same time.

The first step, of course, was to clean out the two rooms. Everything was dragged into the lounge and kitchen again. It looked like an especially shocking episode of "Hoarders". Again.

Then we had to put a ceiling fan in the bedroom. Can't sleep without that soothing hum.

Had I a speech bubble in the photo, it would read "F%$@* #$@!". The One stood patiently by, handing me back the tools and stuff I flung away in frustration.

Next came the assembly of The Bed. We had no instructions to follow and figured it out as we went along. Some pieces were left over when we were done; we hope they are meant to be spares.

Being used to a normal double bed the new king-sized one seemed gigantic. Good thing, though. As stated before, Anna uses at least as much space as one of us - not to mention the two cats and Alfred and Geoffrey.

It is a thing of beauty and of wonder; fit for royalty.

The conversion of the study followed. We started on Saturday evening, only falling into our new bed at one am. We continued on Sunday; I drilled holes and tightened screws until my blisters had blisters, but I put up enough shelves for all our books. We dusted and culled the books before stacking them on the sturdy new shelves.

We also added a gate at the door made from a leftover piece of picket fencing to keep the pets from sullying our sanctuary.

This is The One in his new mini studio:

And this is my sunny new spot:

I would have loved to give the room a lick of paint. Sadly, our budget didn't allow for that and it'll have to wait until we are out of the red again. Still, the place looks a treat.


Because our project consumed all of last weekend I had no time to potter in the garden. Luckily I was off again yesterday, being National Women's Day and a public holiday over here.

I started by fixing the jasmine to the wall in the driveway; a strong gust had blown it over. This time I used the proper plugs so that is not likely to happen again. Next, I carefully prepared the bed for our lemon tree before planting her. Because it was Women's Day, she was named "Saartjie" in memory of Sarah Baartman.

We had the tiniest bit of rain in the late afternoon. While it didn't do much in the way of watering the plants, my spirits were lifted - winter finally seems to be coming to an end and the garden is awakening from its slumber.

Today I planted all kinds of seeds in little seed trays. Once they are big enough I will transfer them to places already reserved for them the garden.

I watered and fed everywhere; I also dug out a new flower bed and unpotted the Spanish lavender we bought two weeks ago. It made a little friend right away.

The sky is no longer stark blue; instead it is cloudy and full of promise.

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