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Sunday, September 28, 2014


I really wanted to do something special for this, the 400th post on the blog. Sadly, after three weeks of racking my brain I haven't found anything spectacular to write about so I guess my time is up.

After all, isn't life what happens when you are busy making other plans?

For example, I could tell you that the sun is 400 times larger than the moon but that it is also 400 times further away from us, which is why they seem to be of similar size in our sky. Would that make any difference in your life, though?

This afternoon when my garden chores were done I joined Mary on the inviting, cool grass in the shade of the stinkwood in the vegetable garden. I lay down and we looked up at the clouds lazily gliding past in the azure sky. She purred as I gently stroked her. It was as though someone had turned down the volume all the way and all I could hear was the wind softly rustling the new leaves of the tree above us. I could have stayed there, in that serene moment, for eternity. All my stress about work, money, writing and life in general melted away and seeped into the cold earth beneath me.

I guess I worry too much sometimes.

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