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Sunday, January 11, 2015

ave imperator! morituri te salutant

Few things fill me with as much dread as the prospect of going back to work after the annual shutdown. I can only begin to fathom the depths of the creeks of excrement awaiting me when I return there tomorrow.

It already started hitting the fan when I was summoned on Tuesday to assist with reinstalling the computers which had been in lockup while the powers-that-be were on holiday. I was informed that everything should have been explicitly labelled, so as to avoid the terrible inconvenience of having to figure out which cable plugs into what hole.

I had everything up and running in 20 minutes - no labels required. I'm sick to death of being made to feel stupid and useless. It's emotional abuse.

Even though still on leave I was also drawn into a small storm about a few jobs that had been left unfinished. It was made very clear that a major storm would follow when I started working again.
I'm not religious in the conventional sense but I find myself beseeching gods known and unknown to have mercy on my poor soul. It has been a long time since I've regretted my each and every sin the way I did today.

To take my mind off these oppressive thoughts I pottered around outside. The garden is beginning to resemble the way I want it to look. The tomatoes are in their second harvest with many, many more still ripening on the vines.

I wish I could just become a veggie farmer. Vegetables never bully you the way people do.

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