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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

how Alfred lost an eye

I must say that I feel somewhat silly posting again after such a long absence. The show, however, as they say must go on.

It is very fortunate that this year is nearing its halfway mark. It has not been very kind to us. Forced to sum up these five months in a single word I would have to choose "turmoil". I long for the old days where we'd get drunk every night and things just happened around us. In stark contrast I now face stark, scary reality daily where every minute thing matters and just about anything can happen.


About three weeks ago Alfred managed to hurt his right eye, the most recent incident in a macabre series of world wobbling upheavals. His concerned dads whisked him off to a nearby vet by who endeavored to soothe the resulting corneal ulcer with embrocations and potions. The application of these proved to be  a great challenge to said dads and the eye was damaged even more when the obstinate pug refused to be doctored.

Another visit to the vet ended in an extremely expensive photorefractive keratectomy. It was beginning to cost an arm and a leg to try and salvage his eye... pug pun intended.

All went well until the frisky fellow bumped the exquisitely expensive eye once again, irreparably tearing the cornea right where it had been mending so well. After a sleepless night I headed down the familiar path to the vet again, unwilling pug in tow. The One didn't have the courage to join us.

To cut a long and emotionally draining story short, through the donations of generous anonymous sponsors we were able to afford an obscenely costly enucleation of the offending oculus, the only alternative being a corneal transplant even the Rothschilds would think about twice.


We love him no less. More, if it is possible.

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