Wednesday, August 05, 2015

straight A's

Don't you Abhor Awakening 10 minutes before your Alarm is set to go off? It was pointless to try to go back to sleep so I Arose, put on my branded Apparel and went Away to work.

An Aimless Activity. Starting at exactly 6:50am I set About fending off the Aggression of Agitated customers and Abusive colleagues. I was Asked to give Account of my sales Actions for June and was held Accountable for my Abject Averages. Apparently I should Assertively Ameliorate my Aims A.S.A.P.

Annoying drivers dotted my Abscondence from that Abrasive place. Angels watched over me because I reached our little Abode unhurt. Sadly, though, The One has band practice tonight and Alone I Aimlessly Amble About. Amstel proves an Awful Ally.

The sole highlight of this day will be when my love returns from his Irish Sojourn. Will it be a Better day when Aurora wakes us tomorrow?

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