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Monday, September 14, 2015

spring clean

I always marvel at the curious feeling that Spring brings with it. Witnessing verdant sprouts unfolding from withered bulbs and trees overnight and parched grass turning emerald green after the first rain proclaims that new beginnings are there for the taking.

Mowing down the abundant new growth of the lawn and trimming back the overgrown jasmine hedge in the driveway inspired me to consider the flow of my life so far, most specifically my crummy job and where I want to be heading.

Recent changes at work are turning me into a proper, responsible adult at the age of 41 and it's time to weed out flawed foibles and fallacious frames of mind that I have clung to since my youth.

To this end I took a critical look at my three year old CV and found its powdery verbosity somewhat mouldy and in dire need of hard pruning.

It took me some hours I didn't need but I think the end result speaks for itself. I managed to distill four long winded pages into one sheet that gives a look at the course of my life at a glance.

Now I have to apply the same no-nonsense approach to my seven page digital portfolio. Some of those designs are older than I...

May the vibrant energy of this season permeate all of our lives and cause us to grow into completeness.

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