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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

when September ends

Ring out the bells again
Like we did when spring began
Wake me up when September ends

I managed to update my digital portfolio to match my sparkling new CV as mentioned in my previous post. I worked on it all day on Sunday.

The arduous task made me remember why I only do this every three years - it takes ages to get everything just right. Thank the gods I am not one of my clients; were that the case, I would be pulling out my thinning hair by the bucketfuls and spewing profanities on all the social networks.

Anyway, updating my CV and my portfolio caused me some wonderment. If CV or Curriculum Vitae is translated from Latin as course of my life... then what about the status of my life? Since this is the last day of September 2015, it may be a good time to have a thorough look at where my life finds itself at this very moment.


According to stats, I have used up 72% of my life expectancy. Wow. Add smoking and stress and I'm 80% done. Hopefully some good maternal genes will add a year or two.


Relationship - the only thing keeping me standing right now - 100% and still going strong.

The One asked to be mentioned in my next post... ek's baie lief vir jou my Liefie! Dankie dat jy so mooi na my kyk!


By way of faithful monthly payments, we seem to have managed to clear 5% of the mortgage. At that rate it looks like it's going to outlive me by quite some years. I guess that's why they force you to take out credit life insurance.

Garden - looks like someone is taking care of the minor stuff but le jardin is still only performing at 30% of its potential.


Currently there is 64% of my salary left in our bank account. After the overnight debit orders, however, we will have used 115% of what I earn and the needle will be firmly stuck in the red for the rest of October, probably edging towards an alarming, but not unexpected, crimson tide at month end.

The car is 6 months old and we have paid a full 3% of what we owe the corporations for its use. We've gone through 40% of the 15,000km before its first service, due in March 2016.


Trust rating - 2% (5 warnings in one day - quite the contrast to a substantial performance bonus at exactly the same time last year)
Performance - 30% (I cleverly gained one or two brownie points for giving up my scheduled leave on Friday)
Desirability - 5% (only because I know how to clean gunk off the Roland's heads)
Sales - 90% of my personal sales target reached (equals 0% in the eyes of the powers-that-be)
Effort - 215% (unnoticed)


Game of Thrones (my current obsession) - watched 24% of available episodes

Time Enough for Love (Robert A. Heinlein) - read 37%

Good grief. If I paid attention to all these figures I'd just pop off right now. It looks like it is indeed time to wake up.

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