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Thursday, October 08, 2015


I've taken to watching Game of Thrones on endless evenings alone when The One is at band practice.

Five complete seasons of the series landed in our laps unexpectedly more than a year ago; I discovered those by chance when I was bored and disinterestedly rifled through the contents of our backup drive somewhere in July. Since then I've eaten through half the series with increasing enthusiasm.

How I yearn to wield a longsword and calmly behead or disembowel enemies the way those people do! On top of that, commanding a pet dragon to emit dragonfire would easily eliminate any nemeses. Sadly, we live in civilised and unmagical times; murderous rage is greatly frowned upon even when daily provocation justifies it.

Long ago when I was a timid, troubled teenager at the end of high school, a sage psychiatrist suggested that I use my words as my weapon. He wrote down a formula to utilise when engaging enemies. I've never applied it much but I still know the mechanics. 

Question is, how do you overthrow an aggressive self-proclaimed nemesis that uses the same formula?

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