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Thursday, December 17, 2015

o love of my life

for VIVR

Not many can claim that the love of
their lives curl up next to them
every night the way I can. Slowly
breathing in slumber at times

he calls me by name and reaches out in
the clutches of a dark dream to hold my
hand like a child until an early alarm
shatters our peace. Before bed, he

packs a thoughtful lunch with loving
notes on paper napkins in anticipation
of the battles I face the next day. He
puts me to bed, sealing my fate

with playful kisses. Still bleary-eyed
in the morning he hugs me and drags the
heavy gate open, waving with a cheerful
smile as I drive off.

Come, o love of my life, come whisper
to me and pacify the turmoil within!
Come take me away from despair the way
you always do,
the way you will forever do.

Written by I