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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

how to block a bad witch

I was always very good at turning my back on upsetting things.

It looks like my thick skin's been eroded by years of emotional abuse because these days I need help to make me forget how cruel and manipulative money hungry people can be. Daily.

My latest crutch is an awesome game called Cities Skylines. Simply put, it's a city building simulation game... however, I must be growing old because it's on a level I have never experienced before.

I hope this image loads properly - anyway, it's a looping slideshow of my current city from the same angle at different times of the day:-  morning - noon - late afternoon - dusk - midnight - dawn.

These are two aerial screenshots taken a few days apart showing how I extended the city northwards. A graph on the game interface indicates demand for residential, commercial and industrial zones - I build infrastructure accordingly (budget allowing). 

An aerial night photo showing the city at 30,000 inhabitants.

The night sky over the city at a mere 700 inhabitants. Just look at that Aurora Borealis!

City at 40,000 inhabitants.

The edge of the city. As mentioned - the level of detail is incredible. See the snowflakes?

Zoomed in on the above screenshot. Detail beyond anything I've ever experienced! Every building, vehicle, person is clickable and has a complete story.

Statue - city centre.

City centre - overhead concrete walkways with thousands of shiny, happy people.

The level of detail extends to traffic volume. Traffic jams become a headache when a city reaches 70,000 inhabitants, as you can see here... not to worry - there are solutions that have a real life ring to them:





Intricate highway systems.

There are also economy, city planning, fire, security, education, health, water and electricity issues to address - more than I can show here.

Oops. Fire. Luckily those buff firemen showed up to kill it.

I've shown screenshots from a winter world that I'm playing at the moment (seems appropriate since winter's suddenly here now) - however, even the worlds or maps are customisable. These are images from another city not located within the arctic circle:

I'll leave you with some wildlife images captured around my winter city. It's named Winterdale - after decent people I once knew.

Love that last one. 

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