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Wednesday, June 15, 2016


I became conscious of two basic truths a long time ago; however, I forget them when I allow myself to become entangled in the day-to- day: 

what you say is what you get, and
whatever you greatly fear will befall you

Recently I was struck by the general sense of grimness while browsing through some old posts on the blog but it made me realise that even though life becomes unbearable at times, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. I guess it’s about time to list the things I’m grateful for… the lights at the end of my tunnel.

Being alive
This encompasses being able-bodied and of a more-or-less sound mind. Experiencing our ephemeral existence with all senses firing is really something to savour!

Being loved
The One remains my greatest source of strength and without his unwavering love and support I’m convinced I would’ve popped off one way or another long ago. On top of that our pets emit unbelievable, unconditional love. I’m awed by the fact that they’re genuinely glad to see me every single time, be it minutes or days apart.

Having a job
I’m grateful that I have a steady job that pays enough for me to afford a roof over our heads in a safe and vibrant suburb, a beautiful car, food in all our eight bellies every day and a comfy bed to curl up in even at the end of the worst day.

Our house
We have lived in our little house for 4 years, 8 months and 23 days. The bank may still own most of it but in practice it is our castle and within these walls we have the freedom to do whatever, whenever and however we want.

Reading is still the best way to take my mind off the almost intolerable fear and sadness that rears its ugly head now and again. Starting a new book stirs up the same excitement that I feel at the beginning of a long road trip.

Just like a familiar aroma, music can instantly transport my mind to a specific space and time. Meeting The One opened vast new worlds of this ambrosia and hardly a day goes by without a new discovery.

The Net
Generation X made it onto the techno savvy bandwagon by the skin of its teeth but I am so thankful we did. I would be utterly lost without connectivity.

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