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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

how to break your teacup

Please interpret this upsetting dream.

On Saturday night I dreamt that I was visiting my sis; we were outside in a dreamy, mint-gingham world, having a picnic. Other people joined us. It was quite windy but we we were having a ball.

Suddenly I heard a loud crash. Ils muttered, "bloody bin" and then suddenly shouted ,"My Dippy is gebreek!" (My Dippy has been broken!). 

I'm not sure what I'd been caught up in at that very moment... at first I imagined that a "dippy" referred to some plastic trifle. Still, I turned around to see what the fuss was about.

I was shocked to see that a large refuse bin had been blown over; it had fallen onto Ils' teacup Maltese named Dippy. Ils was in the process of lifting the bin as I swung around.

For a second, the petite pet stood quivering pitifully, shattered back leg gushing; an alarming red gash spread blood along its neck. Unexpectedly, it zig-zagged all over the gingham picnic grounds, leaving a crimson trail.

I don't know where I found a towel but I snatched the tiny thing mid-zag and wrapped it tightly, applying pressure to the wounds the way I was taught. How much blood can such a minute body contain?

The last thing I remember before an alarm dragged me back into reality is a heartbroken cry for someone to call an ambulance.

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