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Saturday, August 06, 2016

the luthier

It's been almost two months since I last posted. I considering things to post about just about every day but I'm afraid I rejected all of them since nothing emerged as noteworthy... the only consistent thing now is my fervent wish that this dour season would end so I can go dig around outside and pour my sorrows into a hole. Like Midas' barber.

It is like I'm stuck in a barren nightmare while hibernating, waiting for spring.

Anyway, having nothing exciting to tell you about what is happening in my own life I'll tell you what The One has been busy with.

For months now his days have been filled with

  • online research
  • sanding
  • glueing
  • clamping
  • polishing
  • buffing
  • mixing varnish
  • stripping
  • measuring
  • varnishing
  • rubbing
  • testing
  • inventing 
  • researching more
  • scraping
  • filing
  • re-sanding
  • re-varnishing
  • cutting
  • tapping
  • hammering
  • sawing

You see, he received the pieces of his granddaddy's violin and he made it his mission to rebuild and restore it. It's like the adult version of assembling a model.

Violin assembly and restoration accoutrements

We also received the pieces of my own gradpappy's violin but somehow they don't fit together properly. Thankfully they form a useful dummy for The One to experiment on.

The process is certainly not as simple as I make it seem; everything you do while piecing together a musical instrument will have an effect on its sound and appearance. Seemingly unimportant things play a major role in the quality of the finished instrument: the glue has to have the right consistency, intricate pieces have to be fixed in the exact spot; even the varnish has to be just right.

A covered hanging post of The One's own invention for outside in the sun
(I'm told it's so that the varnish can polymerize properly)

I admire his perseverance. He patiently crafts the delicate pieces together until they are perfect.

Much the way he does with me.

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