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Tuesday, January 03, 2017


As a bona fide Arian, I am supposed to be a fiery warrior, protected by the ancient god of war.

Sadly, I find that I have become a worrier instead. I just worry about everything.

For example, this morning I was up at 7am (I'd set an alarm clock as well as my phone to make sure I got up) to drag our reeking municipal bin into the street to be emptied. Filled to the point of overflowing with grass clippings, green ham and mouldy bread, it was imperative that it got emptied no later than today. 

I stumbled back into a bed scattered with bleary-eyed pets; however I couldn't go back to sleep right away... I was worrying that I hadn't seen anyone else's bins out. 

Had I got it all wrong? Did everyone in our street know something I didn't? I checked the municipal bin collection schedule online and it confirmed that our bin would be collected Mondays, come hell or high water. Calmed somewhat, I drifted off into a feverish slumber for some hours.

At 10am I was outside again, checking the status of the rancid bin. I'd parked it in the centre of the driveway but someone had dragged it off to one side. Even more worrying, it remained the only bin outside.

Judging by the swarm of flies hovering about just outside the gate, I assumed the bin had still not been emptied. I spent exactly 58 minutes agonising about my dilemma before mustering enough courage to get dressed, admit defeat and drag the bally thing back in.

To my stupefecation, I discovered that it had been emptied by our diligent city council. 

Bottom line - do I worry unnecessarily? It would seem so.

A simple list of other things I worry about:

The stinkwood tree in the back yard slowly toppling over our back wall
The dogs furiously barking at the incessant crackers
The cabbage tree falling over onto the neighbour's house
Someone poisoning our dogs and cats
The One
Our car
Our house
Being noticed 

What a lot of worries! It would be so good to let go of them and to just let shit happen.

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