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Wednesday, March 08, 2017


Long time.

I must have filled a shit tonne of hours watching Top Gear UK, all illegally downloaded episodes of the almost-recent series which I received from a friend. Having been born a petrol-head, when the Clarkson-Hammond-May trinity ended on BBC I switched to watching them on Amazon. I'm sorry...the latest Top Gear guys, though some of them are nice to look at, just don't cut it technically. 


More recently I discovered a small series by virtue of surfing and I've been hungrily gorging myself on the surprisingly fulfilling 30 minute episodes. The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead remain firm favorites for pumping up adrenaline while Gravity Falls and Adventure Time fill my every whimsy. American Horror Story still horrifies me while Westworld fascinates and titillates my mind.

Meanwhile, Emerald City and countless others are winking in the distance...

Even so, it's been absolute ages since a single scene has had the presence to make me ache to express its poignancy poetically. It is refreshing that this simple story offers those scenes without end.

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