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Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Well, she seemed to be a Margaret.

Short and stodgy with more than a bit of Corgi, she ran right under the car in front of me and its back tire drove over her hindquarters with a sickening crack. The car sped off without a pause and Margaret tried to get up, loudly shouting in pain as her broken backside collapsed every time she was on all fours. 

Over and over again.

Babies must have been waiting for her to come feed them somewhere because her pitiful, lactating teats were very pronounced; I noticed them even in the pouring rain.

I pressed a shaking hand to my mouth to stop my wail from joining hers. I grabbed my car's steering wheel tightly with my remaining fist, clenched my jaws as hard as I could, put the car into first and sped off too.

Surely someone else would stop, or dodge traffic and save her like this awesome kid had done.


Having had time to reflect, I am absolutely clear now what my response should have been... I could easily have stopped in the middle of the road (hazards ablaze) and I could have gently lifted poor, injured Margaret onto the vacant back seat of my car. Following that preliminary rescue, I could have taken her to our sympathetic vet where I'd just had an obscene salon wound of Jeffrey's doctored, and instructed him to do everything to:

  • Save Margaret's life
  • Ease Margaret's suffering
  • Assist Margaret's expeditious healing Margaret could come home to live with the eight of us.

In addition, I could have made every effort to locate Margaret's starving babies and I could have fed them from an artificial teat attached to a bottle filled with the concoction that humans feed baby dogs so that they can grow and thrive.


Instead, I drove off.


Had my beautiful sister or The One been in the car with me and Jeffrey, I'm sure that Margaret's fate would have turned out awesomely different.


Every time I close my eyes, Margaret is there, begging for help.

What would you have done?

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